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Scott Burridge Commercial is regulated by RICS for the provision of surveying services. This means we agree to uphold the RICS Rules of Conduct for Firms and all other applicable mandatory professional practice requirements of RICS, which can be found at As an RICS regulated firm we have committed to cooperating with RICS in ensuring compliance with its standards. The firm's nominated RICS Responsible Principal is Barnaby Peters MRICS, 01872 277397.

Barney 07738321136
Commercial Agency, Restaurants, Valuation, Landlord & Tenant, Development
Jeremy 07738321135
Licenced Property Specialist, Inventory, Licenced rent reviews
Carl 07738321134
Commercial Agency, Valuation, Landlord & Tenant, Management
Russell 07825735465
Business Transfer, Leisure, Hotels, Guest House, Restuarant

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